loren madsen / ephemera

e•phem•er•a: items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity

all artists have ideas which will never be realized. some may become sculptures; others not. we can at least share the speculations

keeping a voice in the conversation

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ephemera12: facts on the ground

under contention for 3000+ years

ephemera11: surveillance

we know the government is

watching. how many others?

ephemera09: death in afpak

how many innocent lives do drones take, or save?

click any image

for a hi-res PDF

ephemera08: heroes of invention

personal heroes. the chainsaw, the toilet, the remote control

ephemera07: loopholes

want to balance the budget? plug the loopholes. there's a price

ephemera06: american exceptionalism

we're #1 in asparagus exports! what else?

ephemera05: mass killing in america

we're #1 in mass killing!

ephemera04: better all the time

random good news over a 50 year period. we’re better off globally than at any other time in history

ephemera03: oligarchy

the wealth of our congressional representatives. 42% are in the top 1% of wealth; 11% are in the bottom 80%

ephemera02: Ted & Dave

the shacks and thoughts on the benefits of wilderness of Thoreau and Kaczynski

ephemera01 destinations

the arts as grease for the local economy

ephemera 15/ blind windows

original photogrphs

ephemera 17/ mancala

the game of income differentials

in the US over time

ephemera 16/ a drought year

a time-lapse video on YouTube

ephemera 14/ peoples' republic of...

every independence movement in the world (except for

Scotland - I  forgot)

ephemera 13/ partial explanarions

just some local evidence

ephemera10 / just say no...

Groucho Marx: "Whatever it is, I'm against itœ"

ephemera 19/ new stone age tools

what you need when the grid goes down

ephemera 20/ candy from babies

the money is going to old people. thanks!

ephemera 21/ hands video scans made in 1991

ephemera 22/ 10 year assessment

a review of expenses at the 10 year mark

ephemera 23/ the last strip mall

our town, USA

ephemera 24/ balancing fears

ephemera 25/ selfies

ephemera 26/ us and them

ephemera 27/ counting heads in mesopotamia

ephemera 28/ now we're safe (walls)

ephemera 29/ smoke and kisses

ephemera 30: best of titles

ephemera 31: fragments

ephemera 32: pocket reference

ephemera 18/ prepping for

the GOP get ready to take care

of yourself

ephemera 33:     advisors vanish

ephemera 34: salt lick

ephemera 35: can you believe it?

ephemera 37: basic identity

ephemera 38: next time

ephemera 36: nuclear options

(sent as #35 again, oops!)

ephemera 39: I Alone